ImageI’ve been on a little plateau for nearly two weeks and that was also frustrating because I’ve been on the verge of my biggest milestone yet for that whole time.I’d considered a bit of amateur voodoo or removing the odd finger or toe just to get it moving again, but hey, mother nature visited and I was so glad to see her.

It looks like the reason for my plateau was actually my late period. (sorry lads, I’m doing it again) I had just started my period the day before my op, and abruptly stopped during the op, which I wasn’t expecting. I was also ten days late (pretty much the length of my plateau, apart from the odd pound or two) starting this time, so no doubt this was ‘backing up’ a bit.

After my skin clearing to the best complexion I’ve ever had, I’ve had a flare up, which is also another period symptom for me. The teenage spots have made a guest appearance. Anyhoo, when I started yesterday, I also started losing again and have lost three pounds in the last two days, which means I’ve past my first big milestone and I’m n my teens again.

When I started my blog and my pre-op diet, I was 23st 8lbs (330lbs) and that’s quite liberating to admit. I’ve spent most of my life not weighing myself, and certainly not telling anyone, so to announce that to anyone who reads this, including my friends and colleagues, is a pretty big thing for me. But I’m not that weight now. Because as of yesterday, for the first time in many years, I’m below 20st. I’m in my teens at 19st 11lbs. I’ve stepped on the talking scales over and over in the last two weeks waiting for her slightly arsed, passive aggressive voice to tell me my weight starts with a 1.

I weigh myself every day and I’m comfortable with that at the moment. I record it on one of my many iPhone apps that I use to support me and it’s allowed me to see patterns in my weight loss that I’ve found useful. I’m sure down the line, I’ll move to weekly, but for now, daily it is.

I’m also at the eleventh hour with Cecil, my ever healing wound. Anytime this week or next, he’ll be history and we’ll be saying goodbye. Fingers crossed, this may also be around the same time that I hit my next milestone, of a 4st total loss. What do you think I should do to celebrate?

  1. theworkscat says:

    such an inspiration – luv u Kazza x

  2. Sarah Challs says:

    wow karen your really are a inspiration between you and elaine have helped me so much and i haven’t even had my op yet but its been great reading your story so far and looking forward to the next update….xx

  3. Karen says:

    Ahhhh, just realised who you are, lovely Niccy xx

  4. Wow, that’s what I was seeking for, what a material! existing here at this weblog, thanks admin of this site.

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